Doctor of Song

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Click photo to view ‘This Gift', written with  the music of Helen Russell and recorded live at Leah's Doctor of Musical Arts Recital at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University in 2018

Leah’s two post-graduate research projects at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University focused on the underlying functional aspects of how singing performance connects us. 

Leah's Master of Music by Research (2015) project was 'The Pleasure of Sad Songs'. This was a musical memoir of a family carer. Beyond its life as artistic research it was also warmly received by consumers and workers in the mental health sector.

Link to Conversations interview

Her Doctor of Musical Arts (2020) recital, 'The Singer's Anatomy', reappraised formative experiences of performance. 


An online survey, 'The Performer's Toolkit', drew out previously unexplored and insightful reflections from a diverse selection of singers.

Link to excerpt from 'The Singer's Anatomy'