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Here Comes the Sun

First week back working with the Access Arts Choir.

We love it. There's about 20 members and after 6 months I'm starting to understand the who's who of it all. We haven't seen one another for two months and we're pretty happy to be together. But this morning we found out the the conductor can't get there. Annie's got somewhere she absolutely has to be. These things happen - so I'm it. I'm leading the choir, not just doing the admin, running the tea break and having a nice loud sing. No! I need to stand up on my back legs, choose the material and make the experience solid and sound.

Or else... (it seems to me) I can just trust we'll get from one end to the other because we all know the core repertoire. We all love hanging out and on a rainy humid day, there's nothing better than being inside, in a cool room, together, making a big happy, harmonious noise. Just so long as someone shouts out what they want to sing, I can just keep steering around the mood of the mob.

In the end - it's a bit of both. I do try a few things. I ask everyone to hang tight and concentrate. But we also get to have a chat, a hug, a high five, and anyone with a good idea is welcome to let fly. It was excellent. AND SO MUCH FUN!

The photo is from the Christmas show last year.

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