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Scope - my personal challenge

I'm starting to work on presenting a Forum on music and mental health at the Queensland Conservatorium in May. I've got a great collaborator, Helena Roennfeldt, who can bring speakers from community mental health. I've got great support from the Conservatorium and a budding partnership with Griffith Social Work educators who wish to document the event as a teaching asset. I know how to put on a show. I've got a lot of ideas bout the discussion and how to compose an audience that meshes music students, mental health consumers and sector professionals.

But how do I define the scope of the research? I have to chisel away at my natural enthusiasm and get down to some specific ideas. All the way through the Masters I had the same issues. One coursework exercise asked me to define a hypothetical research project. That show and tell ended with a flood of papers on the floor and the audience hepped up like kids on red cordial. I'm a great communicator. But that won't me get a meaningful, considered research outcome.

It's all about the scope...


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