In 'The Bardo, Epicurus and the Banshee' three great singers contemplate the ultimate subject: death.   

Pearly Black, Leah Cotterell and Narelle McCoy are three of Brisbane's most loved singers with a combined century of live performances between them. They are also women of significant intellectual heft and life experience who have stories and insights to share on a subject that all of us will be confronted with in time. In this concert set they will be sharing three visions of the good death, ranging from the ethics of care in today’s society to haunting Irish keening and the Buddhist sense that death is not the end.

Pearly, Leah and Narelle
weave humanist, spiritual
and magical threads
into a beautiful celebration

of mortality.

Listen to Pearly singing the beautiful Tom Waits' song:
"Take It With Me"

Contact Leah for a copy of the media kit.

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